Life brings change. It is inevitable. We welcome some changes, like a new job that improves our way of living, or a much wanted baby, or a new home. These are usually changes that we prepare for. However, other changes aren’t so welcome and sometimes come upon us unannounced, while we are trying to go […]

Hard Times

Sometimes, life is hard — very hard. A loved one is gravely ill. One of us is out of work and we don’t know where the rent or mortgage money is coming from. A child is in serious trouble — hanging out with a bad crowd or using drugs, etc.

How do I get through […]


More. Just when we get something we’ve wanted for a long time, we may find it isn’t enough. The house that thrilled us when we bought it, doesn’t have enough storage space and we could use another room. We love a knit top we just bought. Now we want one in every color. We just […]