Being Direct

I’ve been on my feet cooking and baking long enough to exhaust my current supply of energy. Simply put, I’m out of gas. My husband is nearby. He’s been recuperating from a severe respiratory infection. He’s better, but he tires easily. I quietly tell our dog that I’m done in. A very subtle complaint. I’m […]


Several years ago, I sit with Dad, my father-in-law of 47 years, in his hospital room. He’s alert and on the mend. I had just read him a page that I had written much earlier about his and Mom’s marriage, of over 67 years. Mom had been dead for 3 1/2 years. When I look […]

Fair Fights

“We never fight.” When I hear a couple say that about their marriage, I wonder if it can really be true. In the past I even envied them. Perhaps it is true. Perhaps what they mean is that they have perfected the art and skill of discussing differing views and desires in a friendly and […]