I sometimes find myself getting impatient when my husband takes too long to finish a sentence because he’s gotten distracted mid-thought. He sometimes gets impatient with me when I’m not ready to go somewhere when he is.

There have been many times in our marriage when I was impatient for more things — new carpet, […]

Through the Rough Times

My husband and I were just 20 years old when we got married and we had loads of growing up to do. Our lessons were not always easy. Sometimes, it took a great deal of pain to motivate us into making healthy changes.

One span of time was so difficult that I thought it was […]

The Power of Words

I once read that some couples end up getting divorced because they started using the word “divorce” in their arguments as a weapon or as a way to get their partner’s attention. Eventually, they ended up getting a divorce that neither partner wanted.

Words can be extremely powerful — especially words that are emotionally charged. […]