Nagging — He’s Not My Job


I wanted him to stop smoking. I worried about his health. So, I told him about my concerns and my desire for him to stop. Then I told him again and again and again. I was once told by a friend that to ask once is sharing information. After that, it’s nagging. Well, I […]

Making Time for Each Other

Finding time to be alone with our life partners can be particularly challenging when our lives become over-crowded with work, family, and numerous commitments all vying for our attention. When we’re raising a family, it can be especially difficult to make time for each other. It’s easy to take our partners for granted and to […]

Many ways to say “I love you”


A good friend of mine, who lost her husband several years ago, is now in a another relationship. Her new partner is not one to use terms of endearment or to give her bouquets of compliments; for example, he has little to say about how nice she looks. One day he told her that […]