Early in our marriage, I sometimes worried that my feelings of affection for my spouse tended to wax and wane. Sometimes I felt delicious affection for him and other times I wanted to be left alone. Where was the “happily ever after?” I remember actually praying for help to love my partner again. My […]

On Being Cranky

I’d always rather be cheerful than cranky. But, every once in a while Cranky sneaks in the back door of my psyche. Perhaps I am overly tired, annoyed by something that happened during the day, or maybe my hormones are on a rampage. (Though often considered exclusively a female malady, this latter can certainly apply […]

The Need to Be Right


There’s a voice inside my head that takes pleasure in insisting that I have to be right. This voice will do anything to convince others, especially my partner, that I’ve got the corner on how things are. This unsavory attitude leads to a dangerous place in a relationship — if I’m right and my […]

Happiness is an Inside Job

“I’d have been happy even if I’d been married to somebody else.” What?! Did she hear her husband correctly? “They’d been married several years when he deliveres this bombshell to her. She had never considered that any one but the man before her could make her happy. Now he’s telling her that she could […]