Growing in Love




During the week following Valentine’s Day I find myself pondering the meaning of love, admittedly a lofty topic — one I’m not sure I can do justice. So, I won’t try. Instead I will attempt to put in writing some of the thoughts that I find working in my mind this day.


A Valentine’s Day Reprise

How delicious the kisses of lips sweetened by traces of chocolate.

I take off the ribbon from the red box my Valentine has just handed me. In it I find yummy looking chocolates that he has hand-selected from a chocolate specialty store. I take one out and take a tiny bite, letting its creamy […]

Relationship Tune-Up

His work hours as an insurance agent are irregular. Sometimes, he gets home by six o’clock; other times it may be seven o’clock or later. She never knows. (Cell phones haven’t been introduced yet.) Now and again, he walks through the door at one of the earlier times, while she is deep into one of […]

A Painful Exchange

Guilt. Angry words. Verbal attack. Tears. Self-pity. Blame. An acutely painful morning for my spouse and me. This is not like us. It has been so long since we’ve been here. And, I cry.

The Voice of Love waits patiently by the sidelines, waiting for an invitation. I catch a mental view of myself […]



There was a period in our life when my husband and our daughter and I were fascinated with small rocks. We enjoyed scanning creek beds for the most colorful ones, which we took home to polish in a rock tumbler. It was a three-stage process, each stage requiring several days. The first step took […]