I enjoy a final few delicious stretches under the caressing covers of our bed. My spouse has been up for a while. I slide my feet into my slippers and proceed down the hall glancing in the rooms along the way to see if I can find him to wish him a good morning. As […]

A Present Free of the Past

In a moment of mindfulness, I notice that I am focused on something my spouse did recently that ruffled my feathers. Now it isn’t what he did that left me agitated, but my interpretation of what he did. Loaded with my projections and questions, my mind designs imaginary conversations with him as it sets […]

Adjusting My Assumptions

One of our favorite together activities is to work jigsaw puzzles while listening to music. There is something satisfying about bringing order out of chaos. In addition, we enjoy the delicious feeling of the almost inaudible click of a puzzle piece nestling into its position as we place it in the picture. The music […]

Live and Let Live


Live and let live. This well-known prescription sounds simple enough on the surface. Hmmm. What happens when I actually apply it to my life? What happens when I pull myself out of other people’s choices? Not too hard — until I get to my spouse’s choices. Ah, then it is too easy to think […]

How Am I Doing?


Our thirteen-year old grandson, who lives several hundred miles away, recently spent a week with us. It was a delightful week. He’s got one foot in boyhood and one toe in manhood. It sure didn’t take him long to get to this stage in his life. I realize that in thirteen more years, he’ll […]