Finally, we’re off for a second weekend trip in two weeks. A little later than we’d intended, but that’s not unusual. We should still make it in plenty of time to be unpacked and dressed for a formal dinner and dance. This will be the first evening of a three-dance weekend where we will enjoy […]

The Beauty of Growth

I watch him come toward me with that same delighted smile on his face that he perpetually wears in the black and white wedding photo that sits among the many other family photos in our home. There is such a sparkle in his eye. And, I know this smile and these eyes are of […]

Humility and Humor


Whew! What a morning. We’re making final preparations for a weekend trip. We plan to leave as soon as we finishing packing the car. I’ve been feeling an unidentified tension in the air. However, I continue to get ready to leave.

As I step out of the shower I hear my husband’s voice. He […]

Arguing with Our Own Projections

We are delighted to find that the hotel where we are staying for a three-dance weekend event allows dogs. My sister, who is our regular dog sitter, is unable to take our dog this weekend.

My spouse and I decide that we can do without housekeeping service at the hotel for our stay. This will […]

The Joys of Affection

I see friends shaking hands saying, “how do you do.”

They’re really saying, “I love you.” . . .

And I think to myself, “what a wonderful world.”

Louis Armstrong

With my spouse beside me I doze off and on as comfortably as I can in the cramped space of my airplane seat. […]

Facing Feelings


As they turn onto their street they see that it is littered with leaves and small limbs. Her mood, which had so recently been elevated by good food and the company of comfortable friends, sinks with a hint of foreboding. She knows what she is seeing is hail damage. Further, she’s aware that she […]

How Do I Forgive Thee?

“The only thing that heals is forgiveness.”

– From the TV series, Make it or Break It –

It has been several days since she and her husband returned from a vacation on the beach. It had not been the romantic getaway she had so carefully researched and choreographed as a special anniversary celebration.


Different Perspectives

Years ago I heard an abbreviated version of a parable about a group of blind men and an elephant. The blind men were placed at various spots around the elephant and asked to describe the animal. The blind man at elephant’s trunk described the elephant as a giant snake. The man at animal’s broad side […]