Sharing Space

I stand in a store in front of a display of mirrors. There is one like no other I’ve ever seen. It feels fun to me. We are in the process of updating our bathroom. We’ve picked out everything except a mirror. I call my spouse on my cell phone. I can’t keep the excitement […]

Clashing Dreams


When my spouse and I are in a state of turmoil with each other, much of my emotion deflates when I redefine our conflict as simply a case of clashing dreams. Then, I can do what I do when I have a bad sleeping dream. I can wake up. I can let the images, […]

Attack the Problem, Not My Partner

I don’t like getting mad at him, irritated with him, or hurt by him. But, sometimes I find myself in a stew of these feelings; and, I want to lash out at him. I want to find words that pierce whatever ridiculous position he is holding so tenaciously. To put it bluntly, there have […]

Making Music Together


Love is the harmony of two souls singing together. Gregory J. P. Godek

Sometimes I’m not at my best behavior. Sometimes he’s not at his best behavior. In other words, sometimes one or both of us is just plain cranky. I once heard this kind of conduct described as non-musical. I love […]

Fact or Interpretation

I have an inner teacher. The way I know this is that every so often I receive the same lesson from different sources about three times in a week. I’ve come to call these “my weekly lessons.”

This week the lesson is the importance of knowing whether I am basing my decisions, actions, and conclusions […]

The Joy of Peeling An Orange


She stands at the kitchen sink watching the incoming sun illuminate the flesh of the orange she is peeling. Her total focus is in this moment. She notices how the juicy flesh of the orange appears to glow from within. She delights in the delicious citrusy smell. She feels the satisfying release of each […]