The committed relationship begins with a promise — a promise to love, cherish, and be faithful to each other, and to stand by each other through good times and bad until parted by death. This commitment may be expressed formally or informally, in a ceremony in front of family and friends or together alone.



We are discussing what we might want to do this evening. He offers that we could stay home and let him discuss his feelings. Now I know something is up. I wait for it. Then, with his lower lip stuck out with a slight tremble, he shares his feelings. “My foot hurts,” he whimpers. It’s […]

The Voices in My Head


My spouse says something to me in anger that is completely unlike him. Suffice it to say that his words are anything but loving. I understand why he is deeply upset with me. I said something that touched his self-esteem at the core. I hadn’t said it in anger or to hurt him. Nonetheless, […]

Her Own Voice


She had always thought he was smarter than she was, so she went along with whatever he wanted to do. They had been married for many years before she began to see that she didn’t always agree with his choices. She knew that by stifling her own inner wisdom, she was building resentments […]


I overhear a snatch of a conversation at a nearby table in a restaurant. My mind catches on the word dissing. This is a word that hasn’t made itself at home in my vocabulary. It’s a baby word in terms of its place in history.

I’ve never considered the origin of the word until […]