The Love-Based Relationship


“There are only two emotions: love and fear. All positive emotions come from love, all negative emotions from fear.

― Elisabeth Kubler Ros

When I first heard this idea that there are only two emotions, my mind rebelled. How could this be? What about the hundreds of other emotions? However, the more I […]

It Was Just Me All Along


“Don’t sweat the Small stuff. . . and it’s all small stuff. Richard Carlson


I chat with a friend whom I haven’t seen in several weeks. We have history. I know that she and her spouse have had their struggles. There have been times that she hasn’t liked him very much. She’s […]



This morning I serve myself a heaping dish of humility along with my bowl of granola. It starts when I find my husband’s plate scrapings littering the bottom of the kitchen sink. I feel my arteries tighten and a low growl coming from my diaphragm. No matter how many times I mention to my […]

The Pause


I’m playing an on-line word game with my daughter. I almost have a seven-letter word, which would give me an additional 35 bonus points. I have the word housed. Unfortunately, this leaves me with a T and no extra bonus points. I almost hit the send key for the word housed. But, I pause […]

It’s Not Always About Me

There’s nothing at stake here. No issues to hash out. I simply ask if he’d be willing to bring me a cup of coffee. This is not out of the ordinary. We both know it takes me longer to get ready to go somewhere than it does for him, so he often does little things […]

Focusing on What is Important

My art teacher does it again! He gives me a nugget of wisdom as he teaches principles of art. His latest is this.

“You can’t make everything important or you will get overwhelmed.”

Oh my! I needed to hear that. If I’m not awake and aware, I can find myself skipping from one […]