Substitutes for Love

My husband and I often chat amiably — frequently about minutiae. One of our favorite topics is about the online word game we play with each other as well as with others. It’s a game that has no time limit and can be played in spare moments. Recently, my spouse whines that he has had […]

Conversation Stoppers

I catch myself feeling annoyed every time I hear my spouse say, “Okay, Babe,” in a tone of resignation. When I examine myself to see why I respond this way, I discover that it’s because I feel like he is trying to stop all further discussion of whatever the topic of conversation happens to be.


The Key

I have a real I Love Lucy moment this morning. I park my car where I have come to attend a discussion group. I take the key out of the ignition and proceed to gather up my stuff — water bottle, the crochet project I’m working on, my books. With all this “gathering up,” I […]

The Family Tree


She’s had enough. They’ve been married for several years, but she is ready to walk out. Her husband has a habit of criticizing her and putting her down. She struggles to keep up her self-esteem. She’s aware that her mother-in-law left her husband after many years of living with the same abusive behavior. In […]