What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

We don’t get to see our three grandchildren as often as we’d like. They live a fourteen-hour drive from our house, so our time with them is limited. It’s hard to know how much influence we have on them. It’s surely different for each of them.

Obviously, their parents are their chief teachers. Nevertheless, we […]

The Observer

A wise friend of mine once gave me an exquisite gift that keeps on giving. I’ve long forgotten what it was that was disturbing me at the time. I just remember that I was greatly upset, and I reached out to her to help me get through it. She suggested that I step back and […]

Holding Up A Mirror

Sometimes my spouse’s words or behavior leaves me feeling exasperated. Other times I feel a little frightened for him, for example when I realize he does not wear his seatbelt faithfully. And, yes sometimes he says or does something that hurts my feelings.

The first thing I want to do when I am disturbed in […]