It’s Just Stuff

Over and over these past few days I hear the words. “It’s just stuff.” “It’s just stuff. All that matters is that we are alive.” And this from people who are standing in the midst of miles of waist-high rubble. Somewhere in this unrecognizable heap is what they used to call home, until it was […]


My spouse gives me a look of disapproval from across a room full of people in a discussion group, signaling to me that I’ve been talking too long and it is time to move along. It leaves me feeling disconcerted and unsure of myself until I can once again lose myself in the discussion.

Later […]

Time Well Spent

A very good friend and I sit side by side on a sofa at another friend’s house where several musicians have gathered to jam and share their talents. My friend tells me about the morning ritual she shares with her husband. She begins by saying that a lot of people would probably think it was […]

Acting As If

For many years my spouse and I acted as if everything was okay; as if we were okay. The problem was that everything was not okay. We were not okay. We were in denial. The trouble with our denial was that we stayed stuck in the muck we were in because we didn’t see that […]

Making Adjustments

My spouse and I love to travel. We recently spent ten days in Paris. We have discovered that visiting large cities, wherever they are, requires a significant amount of walking and stair-climbing. (One day while in Paris, we tracked our walking with a Global Positioning System on my cell phone and found that we had […]

Gratitude – a Powerful Magnet

We seem to be so lucky. Except for a one-day visit to Paris, France nine years ago, this is our first real visit here. As we check into our hotel, we are advised that the room we have booked has been upgraded to the next level. We are soon surveying the room that is to […]

A Balancing Act

It’s Friday night. We made plans last night to go dancing with friends. Now that the time has come for us to go, I really don’t want to go. But, he does. (I realize that this may seem backward to most most readers, but I’m blessed with a husband who loves to dance.) Now, I […]